A New Board We’d Like To Try | Toby Mossop on the ACSOD Monster

A New Board We'd Like To Try | Toby Mossop on the ACSOD Monster

And now, a few totally biased but nonetheless informative words from the shaper, Alex Crews (yes, Mitch’s brother):

‘The Monster is a fast and lively step-down. Flat rocker nose to tail, nice full outline, forgiving boxy rails, deep concaves and a generous distribution of volume for maximum paddle power. Key elements that make the Monster a fast and lively board in the day-to-day ankle slappers we cop to often"

Wave range: 1-4ft beach breaks for reefs.

Ride: 2-3 inches shorter and 1L more volume

For an independent but still partially biased review (we’re pals with Alex), you’ll have to stay tuned for an upcoming Joyride featuring the Monster.



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