All-Electric Bugatti Baby To Cost $69K

For the first time in about 90 years, Bugatti has released an electric car, the Baby II…a model for kids, to celebrate the brand’s 110th anniversary. 

Early last year, Bugatti announced that it would be bringing back a contemporary version of the Bugatti Baby, a battery-powered miniature replica of the Type 35 race car that originally launched in 1927 for kids. While the original version of the “toy” car was only suitable for young children, the Baby II — whose first prototypes were revealed last year — can fit adults as well.

The Baby II is a BEV like the first generation, except that this iteration features removable lithium-ion battery packs, a limited-slip differential, regenerative braking and two power modes. The 1kW child mode has a top speed of 20km/h while the 4kW adult mode has a top speed of 45km/h, which can be further increased by 10km/h with an optional upgrade. This model is the first EV made by the company in close to a century.

On Friday, Bugatti announced that the mini vehicle has completed its design and testing phases, and series production has begun. The 500 models that will be produced sold out just three weeks after the car was announced at last year’s Geneva Motor Show; however, a few people have since canceled their reservations, so a handful are still available for purchase. Prices range from $35,000 for the base model to $65,500 for the range topper.