Anderson .Paak shares “Lockdown Remix” featuring Noname, JID, and Jay Rock’s anti-vaccine conspiracies

On Juneteenth, Anderson .Paak shared a new, one-off single called “Lockdown,” a soulful attempt to capture the pain of the Black Lives Matter and the tumult that the pandemic has unleashed on our lives. It was good to hear .Paak return to earth after cavorting with the stars on lifeless projects like the Trolls: World Tour soundtrack, and today, .Paak dropped off the remix with Noname, JID, and Jay Rock, who rapped in the song’s music video but has additional and far more questionable bars about COVID-19 to share today.


The lines in question take place near the end of Jay Rock’s verse. “Know the difference from a pan- and a plan-demic,” Jay raps, “Just a bunch of bullshit, how we land in it?” The word “plandemic” is likely a reference to Plandemic, a 2020 conspiracy theory film released in May containing misinformation and unsubstantiated allegations about the spread of COVID-19. The film has been condemned by the medical and scientific communities and has been the subject of a thorough fact check from Science magazine.

The lyric that immediately follows “Just a bunch of bullshit,” could be charitably interpreted as Rock’s own refutation of Plandemic. However, subsequent lines in Jay Rock’s verse weaken that argument: “It’s a lot going on on this damn mission / Big B.G. used to sell microchips / Now, he out here pushing vaccines?” The acronym B.G. likely stands for “Bill Gates,” the Microsoft co-founder; many in the anti-vaccine movement have falsely claimed that Gates is using the coronavirus crisis to shore up support for microchip implants and potentially deadly vaccines.


Oh yeah, the song. JID and Noname are great. As far as I can tell, their verses don’t push any information which will get people killed and extend the length of our real-life lockdown. Since only the first two-thirds of the song is safe for your Facebook conspiracy-sharing relatives, share at your peril. We’ve reached out to Jay Rock’s representative for comment.