Brent Faiyaz links with Tre’ Amani for “On Us”

Brent Faiyaz has built his career independently, investing in his own label, Lost Kids LLC, and rightly trusting that his anarchic R&B would win him a foothold on the charts. Lost Kids is more than just a solo vehicle though — he’s got designs on turning it into an umbrella business for music, fashion, and film. The label’s next release is Tre’ Amani‘s Thanks for Nothing, and the latest single from the record, “On Us,” has the Maryland rapper linking with Faiyaz for a song about disappointment and durability.


“We live in a time and place where no one wants to say whats right and whats wrong , where the truth isn’t talked about enough,” Tre’ Amani wrote in an email to The FADER. “Where greatness is measured by what u have and what u do not, not by your spiritual nature.

“Thanks for nothing is an open letter,” he continued, “to everyone who had the opportunity to be the strength and voice that we needed and failed us repeatedly. So, thank you, it’s my turn.”


Listen to “On Us” at the top of the page.