Revealing My $100,000 McLaren Upgrade

I’ve been waiting months to receive my upgraded McLaren 720s!! The body kit was made in Russia by Top Car and includes over 20 separate pieces. It took months for them to create this body kit out of this special Fury carbon fibre. I also got peelable paint from my favorite guys at Car Dip…… Continue reading Revealing My $100,000 McLaren Upgrade

The World’s Most Advanced Car Scanner!

I get to see inside the coolest most sophisticated car scanner in the world. You drive your car or the car you want to buy in to the scanner and in minutes it will show you all the marks that you can’t see with the naked eye. It can show if panels have been replaced,…… Continue reading The World’s Most Advanced Car Scanner!

Aston Martin’s First SUV!

This is one of my all time favourite car colors. Absolutely stunning in real life. True to Aston Martin form, the interior is chock full of beautiful leather and I was really impressed with the drive. There are a few things though that I’m not a fan of… including the infotainment screen. Check it out…… Continue reading Aston Martin’s First SUV!

Fry Aloo (potato) With Ochro (okra) #MeatFreeMonday |

Get my cookbook @ Learn how to make an incredible #vegan dish with okra and potato, with simple step by step instructions from Chris De La Rosa of You’ll need for this #meatfree #vegetarian #glutenfree recipe… 5 medium potatoes 10 – 15 okra 2 small onions 6-8 cloves garlic 3-4 tablespoon olive oil…… Continue reading Fry Aloo (potato) With Ochro (okra) #MeatFreeMonday |

Festive Tomato Rice #TastyTuesdays |

Get my cookbook @ #vegan #vegetarian #rice Learn how simple it is to make a delicious Festive Tomato Rice for Holidays, in this episode of #tastyTuesdays with Chris De La Rosa of For this #glutenfree recipe you’ll need… 2-3 Large Tomatoes 3 tablespoon coconut oil (adjust) 1 1/2 tablespoon salt (divided) 1 teaspoon…… Continue reading Festive Tomato Rice #TastyTuesdays |

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