Climbing 3 Volcanoes In 24 Hours in Mexico | w/ Alex Roudayna “Chikorita”

Climbing 3 Volcanoes In 24 Hours in Mexico | w/ Alex Roudayna “Chikorita”

Alex Roudayna "Chikorita" is the first female to climb 3 volcanoes in Mexico in 24 hours. "Being up in the mountains, or along the trail, or running, is the only way that I can really express who I am".

Growing up with Asperger’s, Alex processes everything in the world slightly differently to many others. Asperges is a condition on the Autistic spectrum which makes it harder to understand the reasons behind everything, and why things are the way they are.

Alex shares how she often finds herself regularly feeling uncomfortable in ordinary situations. Being around people is one example which makes her feel this way – partly because she finds it difficult to express how she is feeling. However when running high in the mountains, it’s a different story.

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