Gobble | DIY Ganpati Decor | Easy Ganesha Decoration | Easy Decor At Home

Gobble | DIY Ganpati Decor | Easy Ganesha Decoration  | Easy Decor At Home

Easy DIY decoration ideas to add to our Bappa’s charm. Watch how to make beautiful Ganesh Mukut and Diyas in just a few steps!

Now, it’s time to make your own decorations too! Araldite is running a contest for Ganpati & has amazing prizes to be won. Participate, follow & tag @aralditeindia on Instagram & Facebook.

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DIY Diya:
1. Cut the top of the plastic spoons.
2. Paint them golden.
3. Allow it to dry.
4. Paint the wooden base as well. Allow it to dry.
5. Prepare the Araldite Standard Epoxy by mixing the two tubes.
6. Start sticking the spoon heads on the base in a circular pattern.
7. Overlap for the next circle.
8. Leave space in the centre for the candle.
9. Display with diyas or candles in the centre of the flower that has been created.

DIY Mukuth:
1. Create a template using a sheet of paper.
2. Fold the paper in half, draw out the design and cut using scissors.
3. Unfold the paper and trace it on the metal sheet.
4. Cut the sheet carefully, using the scissors.
5. Mould the shape to make a circle to fit on Ganesh Ji’s head.
6. Paint the base golden allow to dry.
7. Prepare the Araldite Klear by mixing the two tubes to create a mixture.
8. Using the glue, carefully start placing the decoration.
9. The decoration includes small pieces of jewellery and mini decorative items.

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