He Rode A Finless Board At Teahupo’o?! | William Aliotti in ‘Radiance’

He Rode A Finless Board At Teahupo'o?! | William Aliotti in 'Radiance'

Going finless at Chopes. As far as we can recall, this is a novel pursuit.

I’m sure some smart and thoughtful individual will correct me in the comments, however.

Regardless of whether or not he was first, we found William Aliotti’s efforts rather admirable, and it made us hope/wonder if similar results could be yielded on a day of more substantial surf. It seems Will was thinking just the same thing…

"At first, I was like no way this is too heavy, and then the perfect day came!" William explained. "And I think I could take bigger waves. Once the rail is in, it’s on! I have some future challenges for this board and I can’t wait to try…"

Video: Manuel Claudeville Morell



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