Helmut Newton’s SUMO by Taschen: The Biggest and Most Expensive Book Of The 20th Century

Meet the biggest and most expensive book produced in the 20th century. Helmut Newton’s SUMO by Taschen, which cost $15,000 and sold out immediately, had a limited edition of 10,000 copies worldwide, each signed and numbered by Newton. SUMO also includes a custom bookholder designed by Philippe Starck.

Measuring 20 x 27.5 inches and weighing approx. 66 lb., the book contains 464 pages, and is a tribute to the twentieth century’s most influential, intriguing and controversial photographer.

“I wanted to build a monument to the most important photographer of the 20th century,” comments Benedikt Taschen, the publisher behind SUMO.

SUMO, edited by June Newton, features a wide selection of over 400 pictures, most of which are published for the first time, covering every aspect of Newton’s career in photography: from his stunning fashion photographs, which pointed the way for generations of photographers, to his nudes and celebrity portraits.

Newton himself describes SUMO as “terrifying and outrageous. I don’t even look at it as a book…. I look at it as an object.”

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