Hiking through Beautiful Landscapes of Latvia – 4K Virtual Hike with Soothing Nature Sounds

Hiking through Beautiful Landscapes of Latvia - 4K Virtual Hike with Soothing Nature Sounds

We invite you to explore Latvian nature while watching our 4K 60fps virtual hike video. This 3-hour video will take you through the gorgeous forest with massive trees, carpets of wildflowers, and amazing lakes. The forest is captivating: quiet trails among soaring trees and abundant wildlife. You will explore colored flower meadows around paths and enjoy solitude during your virtual hike. Feel the peace and quiet of local landscapes! You can just hike without following any particular route… Admire the richness of the great diversity of trees and explore one of the most impressive landscapes in Latvia – swamps. Particularly picturesque for these wet deciduous forest massifs is the labyrinth of small lakes, which make your route especially beautiful. Imagine yourself walking along floating platforms along the lakes and feel the deep connection with the local nature. Close your eyes, listen to soothing nature sounds, and feel like your lungs filling with this fresh air. Take a forest bath and escape from hustle and bustle of this world!

Video From: Latvia
Video Resolution: 4K 60fps
Equipment used: Panasonic GH5S
Video Type: virtual hike
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Filmmaker: Agnius Narkevicius
Editor: Charu Chandra
Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard, and challenging work.

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Do you know that Latvia is one of Europe’s greenest nations? Forest covers about half of this country and this vast swathe of trees continues to grow every year. You have a unique opportunity to teleport in the amazing forest filled with evergreen trees, flower meadows, and unique Latvian swamps. This 3-hour nature walk will promote better concentration while studying or working or deep relaxation for falling asleep. Create a cozy atmosphere at home/ office and fill your mind with positive thoughts! Add more relaxation into your life and take in the peaceful and magical summer natural scenery full of beautiful birds chirping. Leave all the stress behind and let your mind relax!
The benefits of this virtual hike:
– It helps to get into the sleeping mood. It’s perfect for deep sleep or healing therapy;
– It can be used as a beautiful 4K TV Screensaver;
– Bring more nature in your life: stay connected to nature wherever you are;
– Discover new amazing destinations and create a cozy atmosphere at any place;
– Stay more productive and focused; increase staff productivity;
– Birds singing and other nature sounds will help to concentrate and relieve stress.
Enjoy the peaceful views on your Oled TV, Samsung 4K HDR TV, Sony 4K TV, LG 4K TV, etc. Imagine how your space would look like with this nature walk. Make your place unique and atmospheric. It’s perfect for any waiting room, lounge, office, vet clinic, museum, public space, dental clinic, hospital, nursery house, home, etc.

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