How Does Someone Skate When They’re Blind? w/ Dan Mancina & Madars Apse

How Does Someone Skate When They're Blind? w/ Dan Mancina & Madars Apse

Prepare to have your mind blown by the blind skateboarder Dan Mancina!
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Imagine that one day, at a young age, you’re told that something was wrong with your vision. Like a race against time, each day your vision deteriorates a little bit more until one day you wake up and, like that, your sight is gone. That’s exactly what happened to Dan Mancina, a skateboarder from Livonia, Michigan, just outside of Detroit.

How does someone skate when they’re blind? Simply put, at first, Mancina didn’t. However, Mancina decided to film some random video clips of him doing things that he thought other people would assume blind people couldn’t do. One of him skateboarding went viral and he hasn’t put his skateboard down since.

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