How Ice Climbing Helps Scientific Research | LIVE w/ Will Gadd

How Ice Climbing Helps Scientific Research | LIVE w/ Will Gadd

Join Red Bull ice climber, Will Gadd, as he embarks on a mission to have one last shot at climbing the glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro. In 2014, Will made several first ascents of Kilimanjaro’s ice towers. Now, as the mountain’s iconic ice cap disappears rapidly, he returns to make a last ascent. During those elapsed years, some glaciers on Kilimanjaro lost upwards of 70% of their ice. Will finds out why and goes over how Ice Climbing can help scientific research over the next years to fight climate change.

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Find out more on how Will Gadd tackled other ice climbing challenges over the years, from climbing frozen Niagara Falls to exploring Greenland’s ice caves.

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