“I Can’t Believe Kelly Hasn’t Showed Up Yet” | Surf100 Trestles Recap

"I Can't Believe Kelly Hasn't Showed Up Yet" | Surf100 Trestles Recap

"The scoring sucked, the surf was pitiful, who was that shirtless fucking idiot?"

We’ve heard plenty of complaints around our inaugural Surf100, and many of them are valid. But if there was one widely-perceived success of this novel venture, it was the hot mics on the surfers (aka "Wiretap").

Who knew that watching someone (ahem, Crane) be completely crushed beneath the weight of their own expectation could be so damn entertaining? Or that "I’m involved," is the new hot way to call someone off a wave? Or that even pro surfers wildly overestimate the quality of their rides?

Well, now we do. And we never want to go back. Which is why Wiretap will be a staple of every Surf100 event moving forward (did we mention North Point)?