It’s A Hot Boy Summer In SoCal

It's A Hot Boy Summer In SoCal

The South Pacific is only just rubbing its eyes after a month-long slumber. But don’t let that detract from the first half of the Californian summer, which was rife with more than palatable surf (take this Myles Messinetti video as proof).

Featuring sessions in counties San Diego and Orange, the hot-boy crew of Kolohe Andino, Griffin & Crosby Colapinto, Kevin Schulz, Cole Houshmand, and more provide a hearty layer of granola to our morning acai bowls. The almond butter drizzle comes from Caroline Marks, who to our eye, is casting more coconut shreds than the boys.

Welcome to the easiest waves on earth, as surfed with an appropriate insouciance!

Video: Myles Messinetti