Land Of Talk – “Diaphanous”

Land Of Talk’s Indistinct Conversations is among the many albums delayed by the pandemic. It was supposed to be out two weeks ago, but now it’s set to drop at the end of July. You know what that means: More advance singles!

Following “Weight Of That Weekend” and “Compelled,” today we hear the new album’s sublime opening track, “Diaphanous.” Like many of these new Land Of Talk songs, it exemplifies Elizabeth Powell’s patient approach to songwriting, floating its way into the frame and subtly building tension. Repeatedly, Powell returns to the refrain, “I get caught up in the wrong stuff.” The song’s overwhelming smolder is a far cry from the fireworks of breakthrough EP Applause Cheer Boo Hiss — evidence of an indie rock veteran evolving gracefully with the years.

In a press release, Powell writes, “After recording and sharing the initial demos, hearing what [drummer and producer] Bucky [Wheaton] had manifested from essentially just my humming and strumming at once both floored me and swept me off my feet. What begins as an airy groove swells into a sweeping anthem for going easy on oneself. And, the importance of levity.”

Listen below.

Indistinct Conversations is out 7/31 on Saddle Creek. Pre-order it here.

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