Lil Wayne Addresses Critics, Describes How A White Cop Saved His Life When He Was 12 And A White Pilot Tried To Have Him Arrested This Week

Lil Wayne faced criticism last week over comments he made about George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police officers. “We have to stop placing the blame on the whole force and the whole everybody or a certain race or everybody with a badge,” he said during an Instagram Live interview. “We have to actually get into who that person is. And if we want to place the blame on anybody, it should be ourselves for not doing more than what we think we’re doing.”

Wayne discussed Floyd’s death and the ensuing protests more on last week’s episode of his Young Money Radio show for Apple Music. And today, in another elisode of the show, he clarified his comments further, telling a story of a white cop saving his life when he was a kid and a more recent story of a white pilot trying to get him arrested:

I want to just touch back on something. Again, about any speculations about how I feel. I had a bunch of guests today, speaking about how they feel and expressing themselves, so this is my platform, I’ll speak on it.

First of all, my life was saved when I was young. I was twelve or something, I think, shot myself. I was saved by a white cop, Uncle Bob. You have to understand from therefore, you have to understand the way I view police, period. I was saved by a white cop. There was a bunch of black cops jumped over me when they saw me at that door, laying on the floor with that hole in my chest. He refused to. Those black cops jumped over me, and ran through the crib, and said we found the gun, we found this, we found that. He said I found this baby on the floor, I need to get to a hospital. He didn’t wait for an ambulance, he took his car. He made somebody drive it, and he made sure that I lived. That’s Uncle Bob, and Uncle Bob’s story.

I’m from New Orleans, 17th and Holly Grove. We have a thing called Jump Out Boys, Uptown New Orleans. That’s the police. They pull up on you, they already got their door cracked. They already got the door, that’s why we call them Jump Out Boys, because you might think that’s just a police car driving up the block, nah, they about to stop, boom. It look like you ever seen a clown car, when a clown pull up in a small car and 30 of them get out the car, 30 clowns. That’s how it be, like one small police car pull up, but they got both doors cracked on both sides. Bop, soon as they stop, bop, they jump out. So many of them jump out, and they ain’t coming running up to you to ask you what’s your name and how you doing and how’s your day, no, they not coming around after you for that. They don’t have the door cracked for nothing. They’re not driving into a war or nothing, they’re just driving into the neighborhood. Why their doors need to be cracked, I’m not sure.

That’s what we grew up going through, things like that. When you want to speculate about me, consider that as well. Consider that I’ve witnessed these type of things, this is what I’ve witnessed, this is what I grew up seeing. I’ll tell you something another situation, a couple days ago I’m on my plane, private plane, mind you, thank God. I spent so much for that, and I work hard for what I’m able to spend on that. I had a pilot, I pay my pilots, obviously, it’s a private plane, had a situation on my plane, pilot so happens to be Caucasian. I go up there to talk to him, he tells me get out of the aisle and go back to your seat. He must have thought he was flying United Airlines or something, he must have forgot that that was my plane. He must have forgot. I think what happened is he did forget, he forgot what was going on. You know what happened, though? He had police waiting for me when we landed, waiting for my ass. Thank God the police they didn’t forget what was going on, and they let me go right home.

Just before you want to speculate about anything, understand that I go through situations, too, and we all got our situations, so don’t judge no one for no reason, for whatever, don’t judge. Do you. Do you. Help out in any kind of way you want to help out, any kind of way you can. We’re all in it together.

Killer Mike, Snoop Dogg, Washington, DC mayor Muriel Bowser, Chris Paul, Bun B, and Stephen Jackson also joined Wayne on the episode.