Listen to Medhane’s new project Cold Water

Today, Brooklyn rapper Medhane released a new 15-track project titled Cold Water. It’s his third release in the past six months, following November’s critically acclaimed Own Pace and February EP Full Circle. Last week Medhane released Cold Water‘s lead single and video with iblss-produced (very New York-titled) track “I’m Deadass.” The song is rooted in his soulful foundation and on it, Medhane talks about taking the steps to reach some semblance of inner peace and thinks back to when life was simpler.


Cold Water hosts a number of artists within Medhane’s underground network. For production, he grabs Chuck Strangers, Alexander Spit, Ohbliv, Navy Blue, and himself as AFB. The project’s featured artists include Navy Blue, Jadasea, KeiyaA, and Maxo. Watch the video for “I’m Deadass” and listen to Cold Water below.

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