Love to Blog? Love Luxury? Become a Pursuitist Contributor

Join Team Pursuitist. Experience the luxury lifestyle.

We are currently seeking additional guest writers, bloggers and interns to contribute to Pursuitist. Must have previous blogging experience and be familiar with luxury lifestyle brands (and beyond fashion, we want contributors that love to discover great new products, restaurants, gadgets, wine, autos and services).

Pursuitist is luxury redefined. Find and share the good things in life with “the Huffington Post for luxury,” which has been featured on the New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, Deadline Hollywood, Gizmodo and more. Forbes, no stranger to appeal to the wealthy, has called us the “best luxury blog.”

You’ll be in great company! Pursuitist contributors include Carrie Coolidge (Forbes), Christine van Blokland (PBS), Stacy Greenberg (ESPN), Paul Carr (Techcrunch), Erica Swallow (Mashable), Deidre Woollard (Luxist), and McLean Robbins (Robb Report), to name a few. Engage with the leading brands (Rolls-Royce to the Four Season) and renown personalities (The Rock to Jimmy Fallon).

We are currently reviewing new bloggers, videographers and interns to join Team Pursuitist. Attend press trips, review products, create content, feature latest trends, ideas and discoveries. Consistency (minimal of three posts per week) and professionalism (no drama) is a must. WordPress and Photoshop experience required.

Become a Pursuitist Contributor and share your discoveries with our engaging community. We’d love to feature your new discoveries.

Send us your past articles, including links to your social profiles, to: [email protected]

Are you a luxury insider? Share your luxury leaks, tips, news and photos with Pursuitist. If you have a product that you’re working on, that you’re excited about — send us your latest news. If it’s a new hotel under construction — or a new shop opening — or a new car or clothing product under production — send your tips to [email protected]

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