“Radical Humility” A Nathan Fletcher Documentary

"Radical Humility" A Nathan Fletcher Documentary

"I did a lot of other things that were gnarly, but in my head I was like, ‘If that’s not gnarly, I don’t know what is,’" said Nathan Fletcher about his Code Red Teahupo’o bomb in 2011.

We sat down with Dane Reynolds and Nathan to learn what makes the younger Fletcher brother tick. Nathan, simply put, is radical. He pushes the envelope, but after the Chopes wipeout heard ’round the world, he came to the conclusion that that was gnarly enough and he would try to live as normal a life as could be permitted. Although, Nate’s normal, is quite different than most of our normals.

As a kid, Nathan would stop surfing for sometimes months, even years on end when he became obsessed with skating and motocross, only to return because "going over the falls wasn’t as bad as hitting a triple in third, and if you land with one foot off you break your leg."

This short mini-doco scrapes the surface of Nathan’s life, views, perspectives and offers unorthodox wisdom on how to live life to the fullest, and to try everything once… or die trying.

Video: Michael Cukr