Red Bull Street Style 2020 Finals

Red Bull Street Style 2020 Finals

► Red Bull Street Style is coming home! Are you ready for the live world finals???

After months of crazy freestyle soccer action from over 500+ athletes around the globe attempting to hurdle the various stages and challenges presented to them, our finalists have been selected and the stage is set for the live World Finals of Red Bull Street Style 2020.

In this 5th and final stage of the competition, the top 16 males and top 8 females will be battling it out on November 14th for their respective titles to become the latest world freestyle soccer champion.

At this point the more familiar, classic Red Bull Street Style format will be utilised as players will be facing each other in 1v1 knockout battles as they look to go all the way. The battles are 3 minutes long with players alternating every 30 seconds, thus giving each player 3 rounds to outperform their opponent and impress a new and fresh judging panel for the final.

All of this will be taking place from the players respective homes, sports halls, wherever they are ready to do battle and have it live streamed to the rest of the world!

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