“Session Of My Life On Kelly Slater’s Surfboard” | Josh And Jacob Burke On Barbados’ Decade Swell

"Session Of My Life On Kelly Slater's Surfboard" | Josh And Jacob Burke On Barbados' Decade Swell

After breaking his own board, Jacob Burke was forced Kelly Slater’s 5’8 (which had been left in Barbados on Kelly’s 2012 visit) in pumping surf. He ended up catching the wave of his life.

Sadly, that wave was not captured on film (but you can read all about it here: https://stabmag.com/news/i-got-the-wave-of-my-life-on-kelly-slaters-surfboard/).

The rest of this film captures Barbados’ two-week run of swell from hurricanes Paulette and Teddy, as surfed by Jaco Burke and his brother Josh.

Video: Mark Harris, Antonio Holder, Niall Thomas, Alan Burke
Edit: Niall Thomas



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