Shane Borland Airs Over A Girl’s Head in ‘Snack Boy’

Shane Borland Airs Over A Girl's Head in 'Snack Boy'

Shane ‘Snack Boy’ Borland is what marketing peeps would call a cross-sport athlete. He’s simultaneously a pro surfer and pro skater, which means he’s good at airs (definitely) and gets twice as many girls (presumably).

Last year, Shane and the Metal Neck crew went to Indonesia for an extended stay. As one might expect in the world’s most wave-rich archipelago, they scored some quality if not entirely excellent surf.

While the film’s antagonist is Snack Boy, it also features Balaram Stack, Colin Moran, Wil Reid, Kai Hing, and Mauro Diaz. The film’s outro sequence is an ode to Newport’s fallen but not forgotten Ken ‘Kenergy’ Suzuki. From everything we’ve seen and heard, Ken sounded like an outstanding person and true wipeout aficionado. He is dearly missed.

Film by Matt Tromberg / Metal Neck



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