Stab’s Guide To Newcastle | About Town

Stab's Guide To Newcastle | About Town

Welcome to episode two of About Town, a series in which we explore, with gusto, the most vibrant pockets of Australian surf culture. We’re all fond of a road trip, or a weekend getaway; It’s the Australian surf dream. And if you happen to live in Oz, there needn’t be any reason why you should look beyond its coastlines.

For this episode, we rolled into Newcastle, a colourful small city/big town that surfers like Ryan Callinan, (four-time world champ) Mark Richards, Matt Hoy and more call home. You’ll likely notice the absence of perennial Stab fav, Craig Anderson, who was unfortunately out of town while we were shooting. But, you’ll also notice the presence of everything else that makes Newcastle the flavoursome hub of surf that it is.