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Tour to the Armory Chamber of the Kremlin by Gorila Travel

The #ArmoryChamber of the Moscow #Kremlin is a treasury museum, the most important museum in #Russia. Ancient state regalia are kept here: Monomakh’s hat, royal dress and royal thrones. You will see the double silver throne of Tsarevich Peter and Ivan Alekseevich, ceremonial weapons and a unique collection of Carl Faberge’s Easter eggs. Unique treasures are kept inside the #DiamondFund, the value of which is difficult to convert into ordinary money. It’s easier to say that they are priceless. You will see the famous imperial crowns, symbols of autocracy, heirlooms of the royal family. Here are some striking examples of gemstones and nuggets, as well as a map of our country laid out in loose diamonds. Go: gorilatravel.com

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