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Sex Robots Sales Surge In Quarantine Visit: https://vickytoys.com Realistic Lifelike Sex Dolls Sex doll sales have surged since quarantine began, to the extent that one company are looking to take on new staff to keep up with demand. At first glance it seems obvious why this might be the case. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are quarantining alone or without our intimate partners. While it’s easy to scoff, the idea that a doll could provide company in the absence of other people is not at all outlandish. As Dr Kate Devlin noted in her recent book Turned On: Science, Sex, and Robots, sex dolls tend to be associated with single men. But they are also frequently purchased by couples, people with disabilities, and parents whose adult children are socially excluded. Ayiren 165cm Sex Doll Available at vickytoys.com History also shows that people are surprisingly quick…

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