The Electric Acid Surfboard Test: Noa Deane

The Electric Acid Surfboard Test: Noa Deane

So, who is Noa Deane?

A prodigious Gold Coast grom. A late-aughties freesurfing teen heartthrob and surf mag cover-boy. A famously foul-mouthed member of Globe and Joe G’s band of Award-winning Merry Pranksters.

“Surfs like Dane, looks like Cobain,” goes the old tagline on Noa.

Noa’s famously a one-board-for-all-conditions surfer, rarely paddling out on anything but 6’1 Luke Shorts or his 6’4”-plus Tokoro step-ups.

Noa’s ignorance of alternative design made him the perfect subject for this year’s dose of Electric Acid. This is The Electric Acid Surfboard Test 2020. Free, once and for all.

Video: Sam Moody/Ashton Goggans