Watch Killer Mike Discuss Protests, Destruction Of Property On Real Time With Bill Maher

Last weekend, Killer Mike, who just put out the powerful new Run The Jewels album RTJ4 with El-P, gave a speech urging protesters in his Atlanta home not to burn down the city. And last night, he once again went on Real Time With Bill Maher to expand on his thoughts regarding the protests, destruction of property, and the way forward for our country.

“The bullet box and the ballot box have both changed this country in a lot of ways and I think that the ballot box is the most easily accessible way, on a local level especially, to start the change the fabric of this country,” Mike said. “I think that the kids that were out raging in the streets certainly deserve to be out raging in the streets. I appreciate the protest, I appreciate destroying property, when it’s followed the next day by real organizing. I want kids to know that the righteous anger is certainly permitted and I would say encouraged to wake society up.”

“But after the destruction of property, I need you to become an organizer. I need you to plot, plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize,” he continued. “Protesting is the first step. It’s when you come in the ICU and you’re bleeding, they have to stop the bleeding first. And then how do we stabilize the patient? The stability comes through beating up your local ballot boxes. It’s in making sure that you vote in your prosecutors races, voting in terms of who your mayors and Senators are going to be, you have to start to do that.”

“And voting isn’t the only answer,” he concluded. “In my community there must be a return to supporting small- and mid-level black businesses. Because if I don’t have an economy of people that look like me, who’s going to support my community outside of the government? If we’re ever going to be free of total government control then we can’t be beholden on government for everything as well. So I believe there’s legal goals we should have, there’s legislative goals we should have, there’s educational goals we should have. So I don’t believe protest ever ends as much as it evolves into a way of life that demands justice.”

Watch his full appearance below.

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