We know that many of you — ourselves included — still have wanderlust during this trying time. That’s why we’ve reached out to some of our favorite hotel and lifestyle partners to find ways to bring a little luxury into your quarantine. Today, Four Seasons Resorts Lanai, the two escapes on the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Lanai, offer a special wellness program experience from their newly-renovated Lodge at Koele property.  The resort offers a fully customizable, science-based wellness program, including meals by Sensei by Nobu. Journaling and meditation provide an opportunity for self-reflection, tracking patterns in health, monitoring learnings and acknowledging one’s feelings. Evidence indicates that the act of journaling can also contribute to improved mood, memory, and perspective.  The Sensei team has created a series of prompts to guide guests through their mindfulness journey, and recreate a piece of the restorative environment at the Retreat.  

These journaling prompts are a simple, five-minute way to check in with yourself and your family during this period.

Journaling prompts:

  • What is my intention today?
  • What does being well mean to me?
  • How can I be more present in this moment?
  • How do my current movement goals align with my overall wellbeing?
  • How do my current nourishment goals align with my overall wellbeing?
  • What impact would I like to have in this world?

Let us know if you feel a little zen after trying this!