Who Let These Guys Into Mexico? | Beach Head’s Cabeza de Playa

Who Let These Guys Into Mexico?  | Beach Head's Cabeza de Playa

With the US east and west coasts relatively lake-like for the past two months*, surfers from both sides have been convening south of the border in one of few countries that is taking American tourists right now.

Viva la Mexico!

On one of the biggest souths of the season, the rat-pack crew of Kolohe Andino, Ian Crane, Griffin Colapinto, Nat Young, and Michael Dunphy made their way down to Salina Cruz. Sadly, Kolohe was injured 30 minutes into their first session and flew home early. The rest of the boys, well…watch!

Video: Quinn Matthews, Jacob Vaderwork, Jason Crane

Edit: Nick Green

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