Young Thug stands up for James Harden after player photographed wearing “Thin Blue Line” mask

The NBA season is kicking off again as the coronavirus continues to ravage the United States. That bad idea met another one last night when Houston Rockets player James Harden was photographed wearing a “Thin Blue Line” face mask; the image is associated with pro-police organizations, mall security guards who act extra, and white supremacist groups.


The photograph caused an uproar of Twitter, so much so that Harden’s friend Young Thug chimed in on Thursday night. “[Harden] don’t have internet so he obviously don’t know what’s right or wrong if he posted something that’s against US…”
Harden confirmed on Friday that he didn’t know of the mask’s pro-cop connotations, saying that he wore it simply because he thought it “looked cool” and covered his beard. Harden further clarified that he would show support for the Black Lives Matter movement with a message on his jersey during the upcoming season.
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