Your Soon-To-Be-Favorite Surfer

Your Soon-To-Be-Favorite Surfer

We’re kinda freaking out over Liam O’Brien and this new edit by Billy Lee Pope.

Despite a solid standing heading into the 2019 Triple Crown, Liam O’Brien did not qualify for the 2020 Championship Tour.

Please note: this was not for a lack of effort in Hawaii.

As we see in Liam’s most recent cinematic output, Nadir Nadir, the Australian made great use of his time at Billabong’s Off The Wall house, mostly by spending all of his time at Off The Wall.

While the rest of the world was sipping coffee and talkin’ ’bout "morning sickness", Liam was five closeouts deep at too-big, mostly-hideous OTW. His determination finally paid off with a fluttering, seemingly unmakable bomb that somehow stayed hollow enough for an escape through the end-bowl.

A Wave of the Winter contender, no doubt.

Following his silent but deadly performance in Hawaii, Liam headed home to catch the tail end of the Australian summer. Cyclone season did not disappoint.

The resulting film has left the Stab team in various states of disarray.

You can watch it above.

Introduction by Danny Johnson
Surf edit by Billy Lee Pope

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