Juan Rodulfo publishes his new Book: Politics for Millennials

LEFT RIGHT: Politics explained for Millennials, GENs XYZ and future generations by Juan Rodulfo

Available on his website juanrodulfo.com is the new book of Juan Rodulfo, titled LEFT RIGHT: Politics explained for Millennials, GENs XYZ and future generations, in an effort to help humans understand POLITICS, and get the most of Us involved in it, since our Planet is in danger because of politics designed to profit a small group of people behind a huge conglomerate of corporations, imposed by governments all around by force or simple by ignorance of large portions of Planet Earth Population.

Presented in simple language, social media like format, the author offers the IMDb of politics, with digestible concepts, pictures, likes and dislikes to guide you to see politics the way your human and citizen condition must see it, with responsibility, awareness and conviction that your vote is your voice but only when given to the cause that really shares your interests, as planet earth inhabitant or else.

If you feel that the planet is in danger because of global warming, if you are pro-immigration, anti-war, pro-LGBTQ, pro-civil rights, if you are not NAZI-KuKuxKlan-Proud Boy, if you are carrying student debt, if you are a worker, if you are human, if you know that States charge taxes in order to distribute wealth, if you have ever heard about the Social Contract, you may be a Socialist, there is nothing wrong with it! Do not panic, you are not the Venezuelan Dictatorship nor they are Socialists. Just take a look inside to fact check it.

Left Right: Politics explained for Millennials, GENs XYZ and future Generations